It’s nice to have your friends and family gather in one place. It is much nicer when you get to connect to all of them at the same time. That is what social media are for, to connect people in one platform. What’s even more is that when you share your achievements and happiness and everyone you know can relate and be happy for you. But a big “no” is that when you overshare things and information about you. You cannot just share and put at risk all your information to the world. Here is a list of what not to share and why:


Sharing how many bunch of money you have can give signal to bad people to rob you. Also those paychecks and credit cards because they can be replicated by cyber criminals. Any financial information should be kept private.

Winning Lottery Ticket

You should avoid bragging your winnings to social media. Especially, those clear pictures of winning lottery ticket can’t be shared, it can also get replicated with the bar codes and steal your winnings.

Email documents

You should always keep privacy on your work documents. You wouldn’t want competitors to know about your new brand name or marketing strategy. Even your conversations with your co-workers isn’t a smart move, the management might see these as a reason to fire you.

Birth Certificate

Hope you haven’t shared it yet, your birth certificate or the newly released birth certificate of your child. This is the most basic document of your information, your identity. You can have your Social security Card or Passport with this document. And when you shared this to public, it is like you’re giving away your information. Identity thieves will take advantage of it and you wouldn’t want your name be one of the top most wanted criminals, right?

Unpublished Writings

Writing achievements can be overwhelming but posting unpublished poems or story is a bad idea. Someone can copy it. You better keep it yourself and wait till it is copy written.

Photos of children-of OTHERS!

Don’t post photos of children who are not yours. You can get trouble with this, because there are laws protecting children and the fact that you don’t have consent on posting this minor’s photo from their guardians is really a bad idea.

Relationship Problems

Most especially, keep your fight in private. People don’t need to know about this kind of situation and you wouldn’t want to know who cares about it. Or maybe because you can easily get sympathy, it will only get the situation even worst. This situation will change over time, but your post can last for long.

Home Address

You don’t know your audience that is why it is not ideal that you post your home address. It will be easy for them to rob your house and properties.

Phone Numbers

Aside from getting prank calls that you wouldn’t like, you can also get harassed. Or hackers can send you links of virus for your mobile device or attacked you with their smishing tactics.

Family Vacation

While you want the whole world to know that your family will get a good time for who-knows-till-when to who-knows-where, stop posting about it. You will give bad guys the idea of when your house can be robbed.

Be careful, all the time, with what you share and what you post online or in social media because you are not sure who your audiences are. You are making their job easier and you are not even aware of it. Be safe and keep safe.