Google Chrome is one of the most popular browser that is used by people who are using the internet. Thus it is also one of the most dangerous. Here are some tips to make to your Google Chrome surfing safer with a fast secure vpn  or without it.

Avast Online Security

Avast online security is an extension of your browser that will  help you be protected from phishing attacks, it also makes sure that you are not entering in shady websites. It will also warn you if you are browsing a suspicious website.

Of course it would help if you have a secure VPN service so that people won’t be able to get your data because of the encryption


A very fast VPN is useless if you are not secure. Thus you should use a fast secure VPN and make sure that you are always using HTTPS. HTTPS is an extension that was made by EFF and the Tor project.

When you are using HTTPS you are now much safer than you were because it is more secure than HTTP.

Check your default search option

When you have a fast secure VPN make sure that you also check your default search option. There are some programs that changes your default search option , and some people do not know how it happened or how to change it back. Even if you have a secure VPN service you need to make sure to check this.

You simply have to go to settings and search for default search settings.

Chrome Cleanup tool

The best VPN provider will give you a very fast VPN and a secure VPN service. However having a Chrome cleanup tool will remove any exploits and flaws in the browser quickly and easy. This is also a free application in Chrome

Use a fast secure VPN

While all of the things mentioned above are helpful it does not hurt to have a fast secure VPN service to help with your security. A VPN will help with your security and at the same time it can boost the speed of your internet if you need it too

If you are worried about your security get a secure VPN service now!  This will benefit you in the long run. Plus you can do different kind of things with your VPN. You can access websites that are restricted due to a area lock and you can surf anonymously. Get Anonine for a fast secure VPN.