Since most people all over the world send their personal data via Internet, hackers out there somewhere are also all over using different kinds of tactics to exploit, invade, steal or hacked somebody’s identity or private or personal information. Personal Information is very important that we have to protect these from hackers or anyone with bad intentions. We have to be very cautious and vigilant in providing our information to sites asking our personal data. From just using our computers we are exposing our location and IP address to the website we are trying to access. Your activity and information you gave to the website are exposed and these is the opportunity hackers are waiting for to steal your personal data.

But with the use of VPN we can hide our anonymity to keep our data safe. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that provides data encryption point-to-point or directly delivered to the website that you want to Access.

Enlisted here are some of the most popular uses of VPN:

  1. For security of workplace in Government organizations and corporations. VPN services are used because they provide assurance for the security of their delicate data. They have to protect these data otherwise it will result to data loss or hacked especially with banks.
  2. People with jobs that needs to be hidden from the intriguing eyes of the government. Like authors or reporters that tackles with bold or sensitive are using VPN to secure their personality. Some people also have to use VPN to hide from irritating ads. The use of VPN secures your information and activity.
  3. When using PUBLIC WIFI. The use of public wifi can be considered as an OPEN NETWORK. You don’t know who’s connected within this network and using it or connecting to it will mean you are openly exposed to people you don’t know. Using VPN allows you to access the web with security of your data, protecting you from hackers and giving you a private space for whatever your activity within the web.
  4. USING VOIP Services. Communication will be secured from being monitored with the use of VPN.
  5. Location or Geo-Restriction. The use of VPN provides you a disguised information about your location like VPN is providing you a different location from where you truly are.

What is Illegal to hide?

VPN are used to provide protection to information like a shell wrapping data inside. These tool can be a perfect tool for hiding any information that is important to us whether it’s the location or information or activity that we are doing in the website we are trying access. However, VPN can also be used as a tool for hackers to do illegal things and this tool can also be used to hide transaction like illegal transactions such as buying or selling illegal goods like guns or drugs, Child pornography, spreading viruses, or fraud and scam, illegal downloading and streaming.

Some countries restrict the use of VPN. Government all over the world through, the use of VPN are not restricted, still they are interested in tracking online activity. They restrict the use of VPN in the countries listed because of: 

Internet Censorship with possible imprisonment for countries like:

  • Belarus
  • China
  • Iraq
  • Oman
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates

Limited or short listed of approved VPN service providers

  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Turkmenistan

Blocked websites for the country’s economic benefit

  • Saudi Arabia

Since VPN is a powerful tool to secure private data, most countries allow their citizens to use this for the personal benefit and protection of their citizen. VPN is also useful to get around geographic restrictions (geo-blocking), and to avoid censorship, as well as generally promoting the free flow of ideas and information which is effectively the very heartbeat of the internet.

This is a fact: nobody is completely anonymous when online – even when using a VPN service.

VPN is not very accountable than what you think, breaking the law and making VPN as a perfect partner in crime because it’s the company’s provider that you are partnering with and they won’t allow this . Using VPN services is only illegal when used for illegal activity, it’s like shipping illegal high powered guns and drugs, shipping is legal but the use of shipment and the reason and what is shipped is illegal.