Här hjälper vi dig installera tjänsten du har valt. Om guiden du söker efter inte finns så kan du kontakta vår support här.

Mac OS X

1Open the System Preferences:

and click on Network:

2Click "+"-sign in the lower left corner:

3In Interface you choose VPN, in VPN-type you choose PPTP and in the Service name field you write Anonine. Then press the Create button:

4In the Server Address field enter vpn.anonine.net then fill in your username in the Account Name field. Make sure the Encryption is set to Automatic (128 or 40 bit):

Then press Authentication Settings.

5Enter your Password and press OK:

6Check Show VPN Status in Menu bar and press Advanced. Check Send all Traffic over VPN connection and press OK:

7Now click the Apply button and then click Connect:

You are now connected to Anonine and can browse anonymously!