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Windows 8 64bit

1Download the OpenVPN installer here (32bit) or here (64bit) or choose actual stable version from OpenVPN community. Run the installation file:

2Accept UAC prompt. Click "Yes":

3Choose “Next”:

4Choose "I Agree":

5Choose "Next":

6Click “Install”:

7When the installer ask you to install TAP-Win Provider choose "Install":

8Choose "Next":

9Choose "Finish":

10Browse to the OpenVPN folder and enter the "Config" folder. Place config files, which you can download here, in this folder:

11Start OpenVPN by right-clicking the "OpenVPN GUI" and choose "Run as administator":

You can be prompt by UAC. Click “Yes”:

If this is done correctly you will see a new icon appear in the Task bar as shown above:

12Right-click the icon, select server location you would like to connect and choose "Connect":

13Enter your Username and Password and choose "OK":

14If you have entered the correct login information you will see the icon turn green and a popup saying "anonine is now connected". That means you are now browsing anonymously!