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General Questions
  • Why anonymous?

    Today, commercial companies, such as search engines, authorities and associations of interest have the opportunity to monitor and evaluate what you do on the web. Some authorities and others also have the right in some cases to request information about you from operators. Anonine provides a service aimed at you who feel any inconvenience about this and wants to surf the web anonymously.

  • Do I need any special skills to use the service?

    No, the service is super simple to use, all you need to do is follow our guides to get started in a couple of minutes.

  • Is this legal?

    Yes, this service is perfectly legal.

  • I use a Mac computer, can I use this service?

    Yes you can! We support Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS

  • How do I pay for this service?

    There are several ways to pay for the service. You can either use credit card (via PayPal), PayPal (with or without an account), Payson, SMS- or telephone payments.

  • Do you save any credentials about your customers?

    We don't want any information that could be used to identify your person. What we ask is a username, password and an email address. We expect you to make sure that any information given to us is anonymous, if desired.

  • To ensure you are always anonymous with Anonine

    Your subscription will automatically renew.

  • To cancel your subscription at anytime

    Please visit How Do I Cancel My Anonine Subscription. Please contact Support if you have any questions or require further assistance.

  • Can I use this service abroad?

    Yes, as long as you have an internet connection, you can use the service from all over the world!

  • I would like to get the service to all of my employees, is it possible?

    Absolutely, it is possible! However, each employee needs a separate account, please contact us and we fix it!

  • How does this service work?

    To make it short, you connect to our VPN and get an IP assigned by us which you'll connect to the internet through.

  • Do you have any traffic limitations?


  • My normal connection is active even while I'm connected to Anonine, should it be?

    Yes, your regular Internet connection must be active on your computer to communicate (encrypted) with our VPN servers, but as long as you also are connected to Anonine it's safe.

  • We have two VPN accounts for two different computers. But when I log on one computer, then log the other out?

    If you are behind the same router that is most likely that the router does not support more than 1 concurrent VPN connection, then it is not really common for home routers to support more than 1 connection. To solve the problem, you would probably have to buy a new router - below is a list from Netgear that lists how many connections it supports, see the column "VPN Passthrough Connections".
    However you'll probably want to check that your present router does not have this support before you buy something new.