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  • I feel that my connection from now and then disconnects, what is that?

    We are aware that some gets disconnected at times and there is a problem we are working hard to resolve. However, we can not see any connection between the customers who are affected by this and we find it difficult to troubleshoot the problem. What we know is, if your internet is pressed to the max for long periods for example, downloading files may cause the VPN connection "squeezed out" and it disconnects. The same applies to downloading torrent files, for example where there may be many simultaneous connections to you making VPN connection disconnects.
    It can also be caused by discarded routing between your ISP and ours, the possibilities are almost endless which makes it so difficult to troubleshoot. It may also be because of your internet connection drops for a micro second (which you do not notice if you surf the Internet without VPN) as perceived by the VPN connection as your internet went down, this may be the result of poor routing instance. The same applies if your router / modem loses the connection for a micro second.
    What you can do to counteract this, to a certain level is to set up your VPN connection so it reconnects after 1 second. There is also a program called VPNetmon used to terminate the programs selected in case the VPN connection dies. However, this is a third-party applications which we can not be passed on.
    We are sorry that you gets disconnected and we work to find a solution to this.
    For those of you with a router, a simple reboot of the router seems to give surprisingly good results.

  • I would like Anonine to connect automatically when I turn on my computer, is it possible?

    Yes it is and here below, a quick guide on how to do this:
    NOTE! This works only on Windows computers!
    1. Open notepad.
    2. Enter "rasdial Anonine username password" but without the quotes and save the file as anonine.bat, note that you need to change username and password to your personal user data.
    3. Now, add the .bat-file that you just created in Startup or Autostart (it varies depending on which Windows you have) that you will find at Start > All Programs.
    Now you will be automatically connected each time you turn on your computer.

  • I get error 609, why is that? (This applies only to Windows Vista)

    This error message indicates that you do not have the PPTP protocol that uses our services. You can solve this by doing the following.
    1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories and select "Command Prompt".
    2. In the command prompt, type the following lines one at a time and press Enter for each line.
    Netcfg-u MS_L2TP
    Netcfg-u MS_PPTP
    Netcfg-l% windir% \ inf \ netrast.inf-cp-i MS_PPTP
    Netcfg-l% windir% \ inf \ netrast.inf-cp-i MS_L2TP
    NOTE: When User Account Control appears, click Continue.
    Now you have re-installed the PPTP protocol and can test the connection again.

  • Error 619: Port disconnected during dial up / What should I do to get Anonine to work with the router?

    If your router has a firewall, you should try to open up traffic on port 1723 (TCP) used by the VPN tunnel to your router. You should also look for 'Protocol 47 (GRE)' and/or 'PPTP Pass Through' and open/allow it where it goes. Your router have to support the GRE Protocol in order to get anonine working.

  • Error 733: The client and the server can not agree on PPP protocols

    This problem occurs most likely due to two different maladjustments. Either "Negotiate multi-link for single link connections" might have been checked by mistake...
    Go into the Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel
    Open "Network Connections"
    Right-click on the Anonine connection and select "Properties"
    Select the "Network" tab and click "Properties"
    Then check out "Negotiate multi-link for single link connections"
    You can
    ...or IPX might be enabled for the Anonine connection. To disable IPX do the following:
    Go into the Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel
    Open "Network Connections"
    Right-click on the Anonine connection and select "Properties"
    Select the "Network" tab
    Check the list after a line containing "IPX", and uncheck it if it is checked
    (it is not certain that this line exists).

  • Error 800: Unable to establish connection

    When this occurs your computer gets no contact whatsoever to our server, double check that you have typed the correct address ( If you are unsure where to fill in the address, you can follow one of our guides.
    Otherwise, if you use a router, likely that the use of old software, or simply do not have support for VPN connections. More information is available at Microsoft:
    It may also be because you copied and pasted the vpn address when you entered it during setup, this may mean that you get along a space in the address that makes this error. Try to re-do the connection and make sure you enter all the information manually and double-check even as you typed right.

  • I try to connect with Windows 7 and it is stuck on "Verifying username and password"

    It may be that Windows 7 sets the tunnel with "Type of VPN: Automatic" and then not understand what kind of tunnel it really is.
    To solve the problem it should be enough to go into the properties of the Anonine connection you created, and then press the tab "Security", and then at the top which set the "Type of VPN" to "Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) ', then it should hopefully work better!
    If you still can not connect to us, please contact your network administrator and ask why you do not get a connection to, alternatively contact us and we'll try to help you.