Here we will help you install the service you've chosen. If the guide you are looking for doesn't exist you can contact our support here.

  • What encryption do you use?

    We are running on a strong 2048bit encryption.

  • What IP address do I get when I use OpenVPN from you?

    You get a dynamically assigned Swedish IP address.

  • Do you have any speed or traffic restrictions in your OpenVPN service?

    No, there is no restriction in speed or traffic volume.

  • I can not connect, what am I doing wrong?

    The first thing to consider when you connect to the OpenVPN is running the program as an administrator. To do this, simply right-click the OpenVPN icon and select "Run as Administrator".
    If the above does not work, verify that you entered the correct user data which you can see in the log that pops up when you connect. If you find stringency with the following ..
    "SIGTERM [soft, auth-failure] received, process exiting"
    ..then you have entered wrong user information.
    If none of the above helps, try the following steps:
    * Turn off your firewall
    * Open ports 1194 -> 1201, it only uses UDP but we recommend you open for both TCP and UDP.
    * Restart your computer
    * Uninstall OpenVPN, reinstall and download your certificate and your configuration.
    Would not any of these methods work please contact our support and always attach the log that you get when you try to connect in order for us to more easily help you troubleshoot.